Thursday, August 1, 2013

Juice Fast Day One

I have been eating really poorly in the past couple weeks so I decided to clean myself out and jumpstart a healthier eating plan by doing a juice fast. I am following the 3 day plan by Joe Cross of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. After nearly a day of this I thought I would share the experience with you along with some tips.

1. You will PEE like a racehorse or a pregnant woman or anything else that pees a lot. You will be PEEING constantly. I have PEED more than 10 times and by the end of the day it will probably top 20. No joke.

2. Your pee will start to be clear so that is good lol.

3. The Jack La Lanne Power Juicer (which I bought pre-owned from a church friend)is really easy to use and very easy to clean. However, it gets tedious cleaning it after every juicing so you can wait until the end of the day to clean everything and then at the end of fasting put it in the dishwasher. (Actually, you probably should clean it after every use, but I am too tired and lazy to continue that).

4. You will be too tired and weak to go to Walmart, but not to go to an estate sale and the library. But between the estate sale and library you will realize you really are too weak and tired to do that as well.

5. You will crave real food. Blueberry muffins (vegan, of course) with Earth Balance "butter", pizza (without cheese of course, unless it is Daiya Cheese, which I keep forgetting I have to add to those cheeseless Papa Murphy's pizzas I love), cake, French fries. Then you will dream about having a small can of low sodium V-8 juice.

6. Headaches suck when you can't take anything for them. No non-prescription medication on the juice fast.

7. After 1 glass of juice you will feel like you can do this for 5 days!! After 3 you are thinking of doing it for only 2. Or 1. Or 3 glasses.

8. You will want to send your husband to Freddy's for a veggie burger and fries STAT!!

9. You will decide that instead of feeling hungry, maybe you feel nauseous instead. Which may very well be.

10. Don't give up.

I will have an update for you tomorrow as well. If I have the strength to type. And am not in the bathroom peeing.

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