Monday, July 29, 2013

Veggie Friendly Smoothies in California -- Jamba Juice!!!

One thing I really miss about living in California is the abundance of Jamba Juice's. We have NONE in Kansas (however, it looks like an independent smoothie shop is going in on one of our main streets!! And there is Juice Stop in Topeka). I always make a it a point to go to Jamba Juice when I am in California, usually more than once.

Now, I knew they had all fruit offerings (no dairy), but I was delighted to find they also made some fruit and veggie smoothies!! I went to the one in Woodland Hills on Ventura Blvd on Saturday morning where the coolest employees work. This guy not only let me take a picture, but posed lol

I think I had the Tropical Harvest which had mangos, peaches, yellow vegetable juice (sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash), passion mango juice, and ice. It was awesome.

The next day while back in Pasadena with Bonnie and her sister, Juddy, I went to JJ in Old Town while they went to Baskin Robbins. This time I got a Pomegranate Paradise which had Pomegranate Juice Blend, Strawberries, Mangos, and Peaches.

I also decided to be brave and try something I have always wanted to try......a wheatgrass shot!!

With an orange chaser. It was okay, but definitely needed that chaser!!

I hope our new smoothie place here in JC has wheatgrass shots, all fruit and fruit and veggie smoothies!!

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