Friday, July 26, 2013

Vegan Eating in California -- Golden Mean Vegan Cafe

On the Friday of my trip I planned a trip to the beach in Santa Monica and wanted to go to a vegan restaurant for lunch. I really wanted to get something to go so I could take it to the beach. I did a search on Happy Cow and found Golden Mean Vegan Café on Wilshire. perfect.

As I got closer I started to wonder how far away I would have to park as it is very close to the beach and there is no parking lot. I was delighted to find a parking spot merely steps away that I did not even have to parallel park to get in!! It was metered, but you can use your debit card in the meters there, so no scrounging for change! I was way to excited about that lol.

Here is the café

And their delicious bakery case

I had a lemon bar. For lunch I ordered the 3 item Tappas Platter and I chose Cornmeal Crust Pizza, Olives with Cashew Cheese and Hummus of the Day.

I forgot to take a picture. D'oh! It was good, though. Not the best vegan food I have ever had (that would be Café Gratitude), but good.

If you are in Santa Monica I recommend checking this place out.

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