Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Veggie Friendly Eating In California -- Taste Of India

On Sunday while Bonnie and I were at the LA Farmer's Market amongst all the ethnic food choices, I mentioned that I had never had Indian Food before. She said that before I left we would have Indian food!! Since I was leaving the next day it would have to be that night!!

So, after watching some TV we headed out for a late dinner at Taste of India. We ate at the Woodland Hills location.

For an appetizer I ordered Samosas which were potato and peas in a puff. For my entrée I had Bengan Bhartha, which was recommended to me by the waiter. I had it mildly spicy, but it wasn't really spicy at all! It is shredded zucchini with spices. So good. I also got a side of rice and na'an

(Bonnie's entrée is in the background)

The food was so good and it made me a fan of Indian food immediately.

What do you think of Indian food? What is your favorite vegetarian entrée?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Veggie Friendly Eating at My Family Picnic

The reason for my trip to California was to attend a family picnic/reunion. It was held at Craig Park in Fullerton. Despite the main food being served was beef and chicken, I was able to eat a completely vegan meal!!

I brought 2 vegan salads from Whole Foods and there were other meat,egg and dairy free salads available. I had a full plate!! Then my cousin Phillip (on the right) grilled up slices of a giant zucchini he brought (and grew!!) so I had a zucchini burger!!!

And here are some pictures of the food tables!!

Obviously, no one left hungry lol

Monday, July 29, 2013

Veggie Friendly Smoothies in California -- Jamba Juice!!!

One thing I really miss about living in California is the abundance of Jamba Juice's. We have NONE in Kansas (however, it looks like an independent smoothie shop is going in on one of our main streets!! And there is Juice Stop in Topeka). I always make a it a point to go to Jamba Juice when I am in California, usually more than once.

Now, I knew they had all fruit offerings (no dairy), but I was delighted to find they also made some fruit and veggie smoothies!! I went to the one in Woodland Hills on Ventura Blvd on Saturday morning where the coolest employees work. This guy not only let me take a picture, but posed lol

I think I had the Tropical Harvest which had mangos, peaches, yellow vegetable juice (sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash), passion mango juice, and ice. It was awesome.

The next day while back in Pasadena with Bonnie and her sister, Juddy, I went to JJ in Old Town while they went to Baskin Robbins. This time I got a Pomegranate Paradise which had Pomegranate Juice Blend, Strawberries, Mangos, and Peaches.

I also decided to be brave and try something I have always wanted to try......a wheatgrass shot!!

With an orange chaser. It was okay, but definitely needed that chaser!!

I hope our new smoothie place here in JC has wheatgrass shots, all fruit and fruit and veggie smoothies!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vegan Eating In California -- Real Food Daily

Friday was all about the Vegan restaurants. Los Angeles and Southern California in general is FILLED with them. I wish I had just an 8th of the choices that they have out there. It is awesome.

Anyway, my friend, Bonnie, agreed to have vegan food with me on Friday night of my trip. I wanted to go to Real Food Daily in Pasadena. Carrie had blogged about it some time ago and showed the awesome looking chocolate cake her husband had there and ever since I have wanted to go lol. Plus, I like going to Old Town Pasadena and RFD is not far from there.

There are three different locations for Real Food Daily. Bonnie had been to the one on West Hollywood. She said this one was nicer. There is also one in Santa Monica.

So what did we have? Well, I had a cola

And for dinner I had Not-Chos and Bonnie had a Quesadilla

The Not-Chos were good, but they went a little heavy on the black beans. I could not finish it. Bonnie enjoyed her Quesadilla, which I had a bite of and I agree it was good. It had Seitan in it and I liked how they prepared it.

They did not have the chocolate cake that day, but they had Oreo Cake, which Bonnie got. I had a Chocolate Parfait

I would definitely go back here.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vegan Eating in California -- Golden Mean Vegan Cafe

On the Friday of my trip I planned a trip to the beach in Santa Monica and wanted to go to a vegan restaurant for lunch. I really wanted to get something to go so I could take it to the beach. I did a search on Happy Cow and found Golden Mean Vegan Café on Wilshire. perfect.

As I got closer I started to wonder how far away I would have to park as it is very close to the beach and there is no parking lot. I was delighted to find a parking spot merely steps away that I did not even have to parallel park to get in!! It was metered, but you can use your debit card in the meters there, so no scrounging for change! I was way to excited about that lol.

Here is the café

And their delicious bakery case

I had a lemon bar. For lunch I ordered the 3 item Tappas Platter and I chose Cornmeal Crust Pizza, Olives with Cashew Cheese and Hummus of the Day.

I forgot to take a picture. D'oh! It was good, though. Not the best vegan food I have ever had (that would be Café Gratitude), but good.

If you are in Santa Monica I recommend checking this place out.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Veggie Friendly Eating in California -- Light and Healthy all You Can Eat Sushi and Whole Foods

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to go with this post.

My best friend, Bonnie, lives in the San Fernando Valley, north of LA. In the 3 times I have visited her here I have seen more of the valley than when I lived in California for 27 years! And I love it!! People make fun of the valley, but I love it. I love that there are sushi restaurants and Whole Foods EVERWHERE. And Jamba Juice. But on my first night there bonnie and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Light and Healthy All You Can Eat Sushi. And after we went to Whole Foods :)

We started out with miso soup. I only had one cup, but Bonnie had 2. She has had up to 4 before! They have the best miso soup. We also shared a bowl of edamame.

I had several vegan friendly sushis. I had tempura vegetables, an avocado and a cucumber handroll. They were excellent. I LOVE that sushi place.

Afterwards we went to Whole Foods and I got some stuff like hemp granola, and a vegan cookie and the most delicious vegan cupcake. And soy yogurt.

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? What do you like to get there?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Veggie Friendly Eating on Amtrak

For my trip out to California I decided to take a train since I had never been on one (well, Amtrak) before. I was not sure what the food options would be. After doing some research online I discovered that you could preorder vegan meals!! So I did.

Unfortunately, they did not make it onto the train :(

Never fear, there are a few vegan/vegetarian options available on board!

For breakfast the first morning (I slept through it the 2nd) I first had a Larabar and soymilk I brought along.

However, that did not fill me up enough so I headed for the dining car. This is the view out the window

I chose to have the oatmeal for breakfast. I made sure it was not made with milk and it wasn't. It came with maple sugar and raisins on the side which I added. It also came with fruit -- oranges and strawberries -- so I added the strawberries in, too. I also chose a whole wheat biscuit which I had with strawberry jam. I did not eat the yogurt that also came with it. I forgot to take a picture before I started, but here is the finished result lol

It was at lunch thet I discovered the vegan meals had not made it, but secretly I was glad because they had a veggie burger on the menu!!!! I ordered it without cheese, of course and it also came with chips and a pickle. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture.

For dinner I had pasta, sans the feta cheese.

On the return trip I brought my own dinner for 2 nights. I slept through breakfast again so I had another veggie burger for lunch and for an afternoon snack I had hummus and pretzel chips from the snack bar. It was then that I discovered they have vegan burgers in the snack bar, too!!

So, if you find yourself travelling on Amtrak, rest assured you will have plenty of vegan and healthy options :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Vegan Eating in California: An Overview

I will have several posts coming up about my vegan eating adventures on my California trip coming up soon. I will tell you about eating on the train, the restaurants I went to, my family picnic and my vegan comfort food happy place :) I have pictures of some of this, but for others I unfortunately forgot :(

How is your summer going?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Healthy Vegan Summer Challenge Part 2

Monday starts the 2nd part of our challenge on Facebook. It has come at a great time for me as it is after the holiday and the beginning of my vacation. Definitely some extra challenges in there, but I am going to meet them!

My overall goals are the following:

1. No animal products whatsoever. This means not eating something unless I KNOW it is not made with dairy and/or eggs (and other animal products, obviously). This is where I have been lacking in making the transition to becoming a full vegan (well, this and leather products).

2. 1 salad everyday, and fruit with every meal.

3. Limited oil, salt and sugar.

4. Exercise daily, increasing running distances or times.

5. Lose 10 pounds.

Now, I do have a weeklong vacation in the midst of this and some exceptions will be made. These are my vacation guidelines...

1. One splurge meal a day.

2. One salad a day and veggies and/or fruit with every meal

3. Find a way to exercise daily, even if it is just a walk. Especially on the train.

I am going to try very hard to follow the Eat To Live guidelines. I am also trying to wean myself off of anxiety/depression medication (with the help of my doctor). I was doing pretty good, cutting back to half my dosage and then this month I was supposed to go to every other day, but because I slipped in the healthy part of eating I have had some trouble with this and have been feeling very low and tired. I am going to continue with the half dosage this month while I get back on the healthy eating track and then try the every other day next month, eventually getting off of it completely. They key is to stick to a healthy whole foods diet and regular exercise.

Is anyone else doing the challenge?