Sunday, June 9, 2013

Veggie Friendly Eating in Wichita -- Lotus Leaf

On Saturday I was in Wichita, Kansas and wanted to find a vegan restaurant to try.

Well, guess what? There are none! There is a vegetarian restaurant (which seems to be because they use honey in drinks and desserts), but it is not open on Saturdays (what???). It is really hard to find, too. If I find myself in town on another day I will try it.

Thanks to Happy Cow, I was able to locate a vegan friendly restaurant

Lotus Leaf Café and Creperie. Now, while they do serve dishes with meat, they also have vegan offerings which are noted on the menu with a V. I chose a Mr. Fresh crepe which was stuffed with delicious veggies and drizzled with cashew sauce and topped with cranberries. For my side I chose Quinoa Taboulleh.

I also had a "spa water" which was water with lemon, mint and cucumber. Very refreshing. The waiter was very nice and helpful as well (he clarified that Whole Foods Association is not the same as the Whole Foods chain).

Lotus Leaf is also in a very nice neighborhood not far from the riverfront and museum district. I would like to go back and explore the area and try something else from the menu as well :)

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