Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vegan Treats in KC - Mudpie Bakery

Last month when I was in Kansas City I went to a vegan bakery and coffeehouse called Mudpie

I just love that name and the building was awesome. An old converted house. It was in the Brookside neighborhood which is in the southwest part of the city.

I bought a lemon bar, a nut bar with chocolate and coconut and an "eggy" sandwich (tofu that tasted and had the texture of hard boiled eggs!!). All were amazing. The sandwich really did taste like egg salad and the chocolate bar was so so good. The lemon bar was the best tasting lemon bar I have ever had.

I want to go back sometime when I have a couple hours and sit in the place and read. It looked so cozy. Next time I will take pictures inside!!!

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