Sunday, May 5, 2013

Healthy Vegan Summer Challenge 2013

The fabulous Carrie, of Carrie On Vegan is hosting another healthy eating challenge on Facebook starting tomorrow, May 6. If you would like to join please see this post for information.

I participated in the Spring challenge and it changed my life, literally. I joined with the intention of just eating healthier and incorporating more vegetarian meals in my diet and I ended up making the committment to become a full on vegetarian!! I swear I will have that story for you soon! For this challenge I have set myself some new goals. They are..

1. Follow the Eat To Live plan for the 6 weeks.

2. Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, including one hike or "trail" walk.

3. Lose at least 10 pounds to get to 165 pounds.

4. Document what I am eating in my new food diary and on the ETL website and document my exercise on the ETL website.

5. No salt, dairy or eggs.

Last year I read Eat To Live on the recommendation of Carrie who knew I was trying to lose weight and lower my cholesterol. I loosely followed it for awhile. In preparation for this challenege I reread the book and highlighted important stuff I can refer back to easily. The only time I will relax on the challenge is during our Branson Vacation, but will be sticking to it as closely as possible. I bought a couple books to help me

I started my exercise goals on May 1st. That evening I decided to walk down to our mailbox (it is not at my house, it is in a bank of them at the entrance of our neighborhood) and back. I got outsode and decided to run a bit and was feeling pretty good, even went up a hill and decided I would keep running. Then I tripped and fell!! I skinned both of my knees pretty bad, but made myself keep going to the mailboxes, though just walking, no more running. I did it then walked back home. Discovered I had a small tear in my pants and that upset me more than anything!! I skipped Thursday, but on Friday went to the gym and used the treadmill for 1 hour. I almost stopped at 30 minutes to switch to the stationary bike, but kept with it and this is what I ended up with A personal best!!!

I have been working on losing weight since the first of the year. I was at 190 pounds. I have since lost 15 pounds so I am at 175 (actually 174 as of this morning lol). My goal is 5 pounds a month so I am behind one month, which is okay. My goal for this challenge is 10 so I can get to where I originally wanted to be at the end of May. Hopefully I will lose the next 5 for June as well. I am also going to document my eating and exercising daily. I bought a food journal and am also going to try posting on the ETL website everyday. Same for exercise. I am hoping this will help to keep me on track.

Finally, I am cutting out all salt, dairy and eggs. This means also foods made with these ingredients. I am going to be vigilant about reading labels and if I am offered something and I do not know what is in it I am going to politely decline. I did give up eggs and dairy previously, but have been lax on that the past 2 weeks. But now I am getting serious. Especially since I have committed to the vegetarian lifestyle.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments!

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